Wrestling Themed Contest

To celebrate my beauty fan page reach 404 Fans!

Ends July 14th

Entries will be divided into 2 "Factions"-- "Newbie World Order" and "DXperts" (Names of which are inspired by wrestling's "New World Order" and "DX")

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or any wrestling company past or present.

MUST HAVE A WRESTLING NAME- either the one that inspired you, or your very own! Entries that do not include a Wrestling Name will not be approved.


-Take photos of your look

-Have at least one photo with "I'm a Cosmetic Zombie" writen on you or a piece of paper that you are holding (Do not photoshop it in)

-Make a collage with your photos

-Email collage to arlene.elizabeth21@gmail.com and specify EXPERT (5+ Contests Entered) or NEWBIE (0-4 Contests Entered)

Please allow 24hrs to pass before asking if I got it :)


-Must be 18+ and have mailing address in US (Not international)
-1 Entry per person
-Do your own makeup



  1. :(
    good luck to all that can enter!

  2. Replies
    1. becuase I do not live in the US and it is not international